Terms And Conditions

Customs Instructions for Purchasing from Jordanian Duty Free Shops:

Duty free shops welcome Jordan's guests, tourists, Arabs and foreigners in all  our 21 branches  distributed at all land and sea crossings and Amman - Abdali Boulevard within 14 days of entering Jordanian territory.

Customs instructions for the distinguished diplomats:

1. Members of diplomatic corporations in Jordan benefit from customs exemptions approved by the General Customs Department, which include cigarettes and beverages:

  • Ambassadors:

      - 70 smoke cruises every 3 months (quarterly allowance)
      - 72 whiskey bottles
      -72 bottle varied drink
      - 576 beer bottles
      - 100 cigarettes


  • Diplomats:

     - 35 smoke cruise
     - 36 whiskey bottles
     - 36 assorted drinks
     - 288 beers
     - 50 cigarettes
2. The members of the diplomatic corps shall benefit from the monthly allowances of electrical appliances, toys, perfumes, cosmetics and chocolate according to the following amounts:
     - Monthly allowances for heads of diplomatic missions not exceeding (840) US dollars.
     - Monthly allowances for diplomats or members of diplomatic corps, not exceeding US $ 420.
3. During the procurement process, the diplomatic identity of the diplomats issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be presented

Jordanian Customs Instructions for Non-Resident Visitors:

Non-Jordanian visitors benefit from this market according to the following conditions:

1- Visitors are required to present their personal passport and entry stamp within 14 days of entering the Kingdom.
2 - It is not allowed to sell smoke and drink to those under 18 years.
3. Visitors are allowed to purchase $ 280 USD. Purchases include:
     - One cigarette cruise
     - 6 cans of beer capacity 330 ml / liter or 4 capacity 500 ml / liter
     - One bottle of 1 liter
4. It is strictly forbidden to accept the passports of others without an official authorization certified by an accredited body.

Jordanian Customs Instructions for Resident Visitors:

Jordanians are allowed to shop in the Aqaba Gate Duty Free Shop on condition that the recipients bear the taxes prescribed by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.